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 Posted: Aug 8 2010, 01:25 PM
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In 2002 someone posted a message on a forum ( i think it was iexbeta.com) saying that 2 guys were going to start a television show investigating urban myths and i thought “that sounds interesting” so i went to the web page and started chatting with these 2 guys called Jamie and Adam, they didn’t even have a name for the show yet ( although they were already considering using mythbusters ), i suggested they get legal advice about using the word "busters" in the show name because Columbia pictures were cracking down on people using the word "busters" in their business name ( due to the fact that Columbia Pictures owned the rights to Ghost Busters ), anyways, they got legal advice saying it was ok to use "busters" in the name of their show, then i suggested that for each myth, they do a rough drawing on kindergarten/project paper explaining what the myth is and how they were going to test the myth,Jamie liked the idea so it was decided that that,s what they would do, some guy who was following the topic offered to make them a theme tune, both of them were/are zztop fans so the theme was made in a zztop style, anyways over the next few days we all talked about various things and the subject of microwave ovens came up, i remembered that a guy had shown me that if you make a aluminum foil ball and put it in the microwave you get sparks and little lightning bolts but he also told me that it would blow up the microwave if you did it for too long!, i told jamie and Adam about it and they said that would keep that idea for a microwave myths segment, and i am the one who asked them to mythbust the myth that daddy long leg spiders are the most venomous creature on earth ( the story goes that they are the most venomous creature on earth but their fangs are too small to pierce human skin? ), i had heard it a few times and i wanted to know if it was true, i also suggested they build a remote controlled vehicle and bust a few myths with it ( i had seen a remote controlled v8 automatic Holden sedan at our local show and thought it was a coolidea, i was at a service station later the same day and i noticed the same green v8 Holden sedan at the petrol pump so i went over to guy and started talking to him about the car, after he had filled the tank he pulled over to the side of the petrol station and showed me how the car worked, so i gave Jamie and Adam the information that i could remember about how the vehicle worked, i remember that i suggested they weld a bracket onto the floor of the vehicle and attach a large spring from the bracket to the brake pedal so that the brakes were "on" by default and you had to use the remote control to "release" the brakes, that way if the vehicle lost the remote signal the brake pedal would automatically be activated by the large spring and the vehicle would stop until Jamie or Adam could catch up to the vehicle, oh and i also suggested the gold finger myth, the one where it was said that the woman who was spray painted with gold paint died because part of her skin was supposed to be unpainted so that her skin could "breath", anyways it turned out to be wrong. Will using a cell phone near a gas pump cause an explosion? That was one of mine, there were signs in every petrol station telling people to turn off their cell phones but I had NEVER seen or heard anything about explosions’ caused by cell phones, it turns out that it wasn’t cell phones that were causing the fires, it was static caused by synthetic materials being rubbed against metal as people got out of their cars, Does Cola have special properties? Well I was the one who told them about the fact that you could shine a penny using cola softdrink, does a goldfish's memory only last for 3 seconds? I started that one, I have pet goldfish and I noticed that if entered the room in the dark the goldfish would just keep on swimming around in the tank but if I switched on the light before I entered the room the goldfish would all be waiting at the side of the tank waiting to be feed some food so I concluded that the goldfish must remember that when the light goes on it is feeding time, to prove my theory right I snuck into the room with the light off, I let my eyes adjust to the dark and then I slowly crept up to the fish tank, the goldfish did not come to the side of the tank, they just kept on swimming around as per usual, I tried this experiment every night for a week and I always got the same result!, If you attach steel cable to a car's rear axle and a telephone pole, will the axle be ripped from the car once it drives? This was mine as well, I remembered a scene in the “Porky’s” movie where this happens and wondered if it would really happen? i also supplied the "would a lead balloon fly" myth,it was a very common expression where i live "that will sink like a lead balloon" ( the idea being that a balloon made out of lead,containing only air would fall straight to the ground if you released it from a great height ), cockroach,s serviveing nuclear war was one of
mine, ping pong boat rescue was one of mine,i used to go swimming in a local creek after school with my friends when i was a kid,one of things we used to do was to push a soccer ball under water and see how long we could hold it under water( its harder then you think ), if you let go of the ball it would instantly rise to the surface, i had always wondered if you put enough balls into a sunken boat would the boat float to the surface using the bouncy of the soccer balls,i thought this would be a cheap and effective way to salvage sunken boats,
If a bullet is shot through the fuel tank of a car, will it explode?,i knew the answer already,some friends and i had tried this and the answer was NO but i suggested to Jamie that he try this on the show so people at home could see for themselves,
sugar in their fuel tank will destroy a car engine,one of mine,i know people who swear that it was used in world war 2 as a way to stop enemy vehicles from being usable, so far as i know its true? A sinking ship creates enough suction to pull you under, if you’re too close?,that was one of mine,i had read that in quite a few stories and i wondered if its true.

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